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  • 1:17:48 Popular The Last Assignment

    The Last Assignment

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    When a government assassin is asked to do one last hit before retiring for good, he finds himself befriending the target and falling in love with the target's wife and sister. When the agency finds out that he may not execute the mission as planned, it be

  • 1:32:58 Hostile Takedown

    Hostile Takedown

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    9 years ago Alex, a former cop, lost his partner Dennis, when he was assassinated execution style to a vicious murderer. Unable to cope, Alex resigns from the force and finds himself dealing with past ghosts and the guilt he feels for his fallen partner.

  • 1:29:31 Wounded Hearts

    Wounded Hearts

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    A contemporary love story set in Houston about jay, a recovering alcolholic, part-time cab driver and jazz musician raising his daughter alone after the sudden death of his wife. Jay who is emotionally crippled and distant to the point he shuts out his mo

  • 1:33:16

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    Simee, a well-known pop singer has lost her way and soul in the music industry. On a path to find herself she falls in love with a man far from her type but has characteristics which are much needed in her growth. Now she must make sure her past doesn't r

  • 1:36:25 Free Movie -

    Free Movie -

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    Free Movie - "Angry Kelly" - Full Drama Movie - Free Wednesday Movies. Check out this week's Full FREE Wednesday Movie! Tanya is upset about her life when a coworker tells her a story about a former employee, Kelly Cage. Kelly Cage was a woman in free fal

  • 1:34:19 Popular Free Movie - Domestic Abuse / Inspirational

    Free Movie - Domestic Abuse / Inspirational

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    Free Movie " No Weapon Shall Prosper " Diana lives her life trying to appease her husband's abusive outrages. She finds comfort and guidance in the arms of another man. When her husband discovers Diana's extramarital affair, he threatens everyone she care

  • 2:08:57 Popular Full Free Movie Ft. Tahiry Jose -

    Full Free Movie Ft. Tahiry Jose -

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    Full Free Movie Ft. Tahiri Jose - "Interludes" - Drama/Thriller Free Wednesday Movie This week's FREE Wednesday Movie features a star studded cast of Tahiri Jose, Clifton Powell, Esther Baxter, Ray Lavender, Chrystale Wilson and many more! Interludes" is

  • 1:29:41 Popular Full Free Movie

    Full Free Movie

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    Full Free Movie "Underground P.D" An elite team of detectives assigned to capture the city's most violent felons gets unwanted help from a stranger that is apprehending them first.Now they have the felons and this stranger to catch, that takes them on the

  • 1:25:06 Full Free Horror/Thriller -

    Full Free Horror/Thriller -

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    Full Free Horror/Thriller - "Kidnapped Souls" - Free Wednesday Movie LA detectives are on the hunt for a mysterious serial killer who kidnaps and kills his victims. Their hopes of catching the killer are slim, as the detectives can't find a single shred o

  • 1:22:50 Popular Full Free Drama Movie -

    Full Free Drama Movie -

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    "Severed Ties" follows the trail of four lives after one of them commits murder to satisfy his sado/masochistic fetish. Brian Charles and his girlfriend Angie's fun evening together is cut short by a disturbing phone call from Victor, Brian's brother. Vic

  • 1:51:47 Popular Free Full Movies - Thriller / Drama

    Free Full Movies - Thriller / Drama

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    Free Full Movies - Thriller / Drama " Intuition" - Free Wednesday Movies Intuition takes place with workaholic relationship therapist, Dr. David Francis, who tries to help Kenny deal with his trust issues. The Doctor fails to realize his patient is having

  • 1:51:35 Popular Full Free Movie - Drama/Thriller -

    Full Free Movie - Drama/Thriller -

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    Full Free Domestic Violence Movie - "Imprisoned By Love" - Free Wednesday Movie Tracie, a devoted wife and mother, lives every day in fear at the hands of her abusive drunk husband Gerald. She does everything in her power to make a lifeless marriage work

  • 1:28:25 Popular Full Free Movie Drama/Action -

    Full Free Movie Drama/Action -

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    Subspiral is a dark and gritty urban tale of a young man who tries to avoid following the path of his wayward brother. Tru Hawkins has always looked to his older brother for guidance. Seeking a better life for his two children, Tru lands a 9 to 5 where he

  • 1:24:14 Popular Full Free Action/Martial Arts Movie -

    Full Free Action/Martial Arts Movie -

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    Desperate to make any money he can Jonathan joins the ranks of one of the deadliest fighting rings in the city. Now with each fight he lays his life on the line and with each win he gets closer to raising the money he needs. But life on the streets is unp

  • 1:30:39 Popular Cold Heart Canyon

    Cold Heart Canyon

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    Heather, a beautiful divorcee finds peace in the secluded Laurel Canyon. But, all is not so quiet in the canyon that holds forbidden secrets. Things start to heat up, when Heather meets an attractive couple, Marisa and Daniel, whose intentions are to lure

  • 1:30:10 Carlita's Secret

    Carlita's Secret

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    “Carlita's Secret” is a hot and sexy thriller about a young innocent girl named Carlita who dreams of becoming a Broadway dancer in New York, but finds her dreams shattered due to a deadly past. One night, at a Miami nightclub she is caught in the middle